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Northcote Underglazes 250ml

Brush on Liquid Underglaze, ready to use. All 22 Northcote underglaze colours available. 

Product and technical information:

  • Can be used on raw and bisque fired clay surfaces.
  • Never apply over a glaze surface.
  • Can be mixed together to create custom colours.
  • Colours may change at different firing tempretures (colour will look different at earthenware then it will at stoneware).
  • Underglazes will burn out at higher tempretures. All colours burn out at 1300ºC except Violet/Lilac and Royal Purple that burn out at 1150ºC.
  • Will give brilliant results on white clay bodies but can be used on any clay body.
  •  Stir well before use and stir regularly during painting to prevent settling.
  • Sponge surfaces before application and only apply to surfaces that are grease and dust free.
  • For best coverage apply 2 thin even coats with a soft brush. A single coat thickness guide would be equivalent to 1 coat of nail polish.
  •  Never apply more than 3 coats as over application causes peeling. Remember this when planning your designs and paint colours beside each other rather than on top of each other.

For further tips click here for technical sheet.


Brand Northcote

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