How to order with SAS

Creating an account

Buying from SAS

Paying for your order

Creating quotes

Common questions

Creating an account with School Art Supplies!

Hit the "register" button on the top right corner of the screen, or click below.

Then, fill in the details in the fields. If you are doing orders on behalf of your school or company, please use your school/company email as the email address for your account.

If you don't have an ABN, that is fine! Please send an email to and we will give you instructions from there. Otherwise, please use your school or company's ABN. If you do not have your school's ABN on hand, you will be able to find it through the Australian government's Australian Business Register here

As for your customer type, please select what applies to your account. Unfortunately, our school type list does not have every state, so please select "Other State" if you are not from NSW or QLD.

Then proceed to the next page.

The information entered on this page is your billing information, and not delivery information. That will be filled when you check out on your order.

Preferred payment methods- 30 Day Account is only available for government institutions or schools. Please select credit card if you are not one of these.

Then, save & continue.

From here, you will have to wait for your account to be activated. As we are a wholesaler, we have a process of checking ABNs and legitimacy of accounts before granting access. This is usually only a 5-15 minute process during business hours (8am-4pm AEST).


Purchasing from School Art Supplies!

Now that you have signed up, your account is approved, it's time to get shopping.

Find the products you wish to purchase and add them to your cart!

When you have added everything you wish to purchase to your account, click on the purple "cart" to view your entire shopping cart.

This will take you to your shopping cart.

Type in SASDISC in this field on the checkout page to receive your 3% off from your online order!

From here, on this page:

Billing information is the information that pertains to the payment methodThis is not necessarily the shipping address. If the billing information and shipping address are different (i.e. you are using your account and your own payment method, but sending the order to a different location) select "different address" and type in the desired shipping address there. 

If you wish to add delivery instructions or a purchase order number, click on the blue text and a field will open where you can insert these details. The purchase order number will then be reflected on your invoice.


Paying for your order!

Now that you've created your order, and are checking out, you will have to choose a payment method.

If you are a school or government institution, you are able to have a 30 day account and pay on invoice. If you are neither one of these, you will have to pay with either a Master Card or Visa. We do not accept PayPal, Afterpay or Zippay. Please contact us if you wish to pay by direct deposit.

You will then be prompted to insert your card details.

This does not charge your credit card. Entering your card details at this step securely stores and encrypts your card information.

The card is charged once the order has been picked, packed, and accurate freight cost is given to us from our freight company and is then charged afterwards. Please do not press the "pay now" button on your account page - this can prematurely pay for your order when freight and discounts are not applied, and will result in refunds and paperwork that the banks don't usually like..

Once you have entered your card details, your order is submitted! Please give us up to 2 weeks to pick and process your order (larger orders may take up to that length of time) and you will receive your invoice in the near future.


Creating quotes

If you require a quote for your school, business, or even personal use, it is incredibly easy. Pick your products and add them to your shopping cart.