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Resin & Hardener Kits

Non-toxic. No VOCs. No BPA. No fumes. Non-flammable. Food safe.
Have a couple projects that could use some glam? The ArtResin Studio Kit has that covered (ha, get it?). 
Professional quality gloss finish. Non-yellowing, no solvents and low odour.

946mL kit: $73.95
3.78L kit: $239.95



Paper Magiclay Earth Colours

MAGICE                                                   $15.85
Air drying clay that hardens within 60-90 minutes.
Rich earth tones can be moulded to the colours of
the.. earthy rainbow. Takes 48 hours to fully dry
and can be painted while still wet.

20g x 12 pots, with two of each colour.


A5 Mixed Media Paper Book

PD008                                                   $6.50
Multi-purpose with endless creative possibilities.
Acrylics, oils, crayons, charcoal.. all of it.
20 pages - 2x calico sheets, 2x burlap sheets,
8x white watercolour paper, 4x white mill made
paper and 4x cream handmade paper.


Surfboard with stand

SURF                                                           $9.50
A mini customisable surfboard to ride the waves
of creaive freedom! Acrylics, inks, POSCA
markers, Aqua Painters, Montana spray paints
and others can be used!
FSC 10mm plywood.

Metal cutters

TQ833                                                          $8.52
A set of 15 in 5 assoted shapes. Use with clay,
as a stencil, moulding, the ideas are endless!
Assorted 4.3cm - 7.4cm widths, 1.6cm in height.


Art Spectrum Watercolour Paper

AS300                                           $69.16
Available in hot press, cold press and rough.
Double sized using natural plant sizing - vegan
AS300HP10 - 300gsm pack of 10 hot press
AS300CP10 - 300gsm pack of 10 cold press
AS300R10 - 300gsm pack of 10 rough


Mont Marte Work Station

 MEA0051                                            $104.25
Upgrade your creative space with this versatile
desktop drawing table. It features easy angle
adjustment and a glass surface, making it ideal
for art and craft projects, technical drawing and
Creative area: 90x60cm
Base: 89 x 56cm


Cartridge Paper 120gsm (all sizes!)
Glazes (including new mayco + chunkies!)
Vinyl plates (all sizes!)
Budget skate decks

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