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Procion / Batik Dyes



A dye for all natural fibres. Instructions included. Suitable for one or two dye baths. Suitable for silk, jute and hessian. But WILL NOT TAKE, to synthetics or fabric that has been coated with size. Perfect for immersion dyeing tie dye and shibori as well as airbrushing. Dyeing Procedure: 1. Mix dye with a small quantity of water to form a smooth paste. Add required amount of water. 2. Immerse cloth & agitate to ensure even penetration. 3. Dissolve Sodium Sulphate in hot water & add it to the dye bath. Agitate for 10 minutes. 4. Dissolve Soda Ash in a little boiling water and add it to the dye bath. This will start a chemical reaction which will fix the colour to the material. Leave for 60-90 minutes depending on the depth of shade required. The material should be periodically agitated. 5. Rinse the material under cold running water for 5-10 minutes then immerse in boiling soapy water 2g/ litre pure soap (Lux) to remove any unfixed dye. 50 grm containers

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