LP- Alcohol Inks & Yuppo Paper

Yuppo Paper & Inks

Shopping List

Items You must have

  • Water
  • Paint Palette
  • Permanent Markers

Gentle lay out your Yuppo paper in a clean clear area, tape the sides if necessary to keep paper in place. Pour out small amounts of coloured ink in your paint palette or into the Derivan refillable Bottles, these bottles provide precision when dropping small amounts of inks. Begin applying small droplets of ink to your paper, using different colours you can add further droplets into already covered areas. This technique repels and pushes the first colour out towards the edges creating a ring like effect. You can also do this technique using your Unlocking Formula or Rubbing Alcohol, the alcohol repels the inks creating transparency in the colours.

Once you have created your desired arrangement of colours and droplets you can use simple blowing techniques to further disperse colours. Or using your paint brush with a small amount of water you can lightly manipulate the inks on your page. Once your painting has dried you can go back in using a permanent marker to draw images or patterns over the top.

Artwork By Creationsceecee