Lockdown announced 29th June

Due to the much of Queensland entering a 3-day lockdown (so far), we will be closing our doors from 4pm on the 29th of June and (hopefully!) reopening on Monday the 5th of July. This lockdown could extend past the 5th of July.


What this means for you

At time of writing, on the 29th of June, we are endeavouring to get our current orders out of our warehouse today. Please understand that any orders sent after 4pm will not be sent to our warehouse for picking until Monday the 5th of July - if lockdown is not extended. We are trying to work out work from home solutions, so your order may be processed in the mean time - it's hard to say!

Back to school orders

Please tell us if you are in lockdown or are able to accept deliveries in the delivery instructions of your order! We are trying to get these scheduled to deliver on the first day back and hopefully that remains.

Delivery times

Please contact us if your order is urgently needed - especially for schools about to enter Term 3. Depending on your location delivery times will differ. We are still in communication with our freight company, Direct Freight, as to their protocol for this lockdown.


Stay safe, and Inspire Creativity at home!